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How much does the system cost?

Licenses range from $30-250 per year depending on user roles:

Do I need to use a consultant to complete grant, patent or R&D (SR&ED) tax credit claims?

No. The RDBASE structure allows users to document the most relevant information with minimal help from outside consultants. Many complete applications on their own while others have found that these details can reduce the consultant efforts & filing costs by up to 90%.

How does RDBASE help me to maximize my claims for grants & R&D (SR&ED) tax credits?

RDBASE allows users to correlate all research activities to specific “variables of uncertainty” to ensure any & all related work is properly claimed. It also performs financial calculations which can be uploaded directly into various corporate tax software packages.

How secure is the data I enter into RDBASE.

RDBASE is HTTPS certified portal site with 2 level authentication, which make it a very online secure site. Alternately, some users prefer to host their own data by using our RDBASE template for Microsoft SharePoint.

What if we wish to host our own data so that no external parties have access?

Some users prefer to host their own data by using our RDBASE template for Microsoft SharePoint ($10 / year / user) – download link. Alternately we can provide you with a virtual machine to run the program from your own server to prevent any other parties accessing to your data. Deployment costs will be extra (typically $3,000).

What are the system requirements for running RDBASE?

Internet access & browser (including Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari).

Does it run on mobile devices?

Yes. For more information please visit our quick video on RDBASE on mobile Click here

We are a patent or R&D tax credit consulting firm. How can we use RDBASE to serve our customers?

Once your clients have valid RDBASE accounts they can authorize you to view their information at no additional cost. For our partner program please Click Here

How can we ensure the confidentiality of our client information

We provide consultants with their own private portals where they can manage their clients.

Is there any charge to become an RDBASE partner?

There is NO charge to become an RDBASE partner. Most members are already practicing accountants, lawyers or patent agents who are specialists in their fields. In order to get started at least 1 member of each partner firm must complete a brief (15 minute) orientation course on the use of RDBASE itself. Click here Once completed you are then eligible to complete a series of additional development modules. Click here


How does RDBASE assist in filing patent applications?

RDBASE PAST (Prior Art Search Tool) allows the users to easily find/document related patents, articles and existing knowledge as part of the research process. It then prompts users to identify “variables of experimentation” that are NOT “readily determinable” based on existing knowledge.

Can I use RDBASE to prepare related documentation for other grants in addition to R&D tax credits?

RDBASE structure is designed in a way that captures all required data & related costs for claiming state, provincial &/or federal grants in most countries. RDBASE is an online tool so as long as your party has an internet access & required access level you can collaborate with anyone & anywhere.

How can I make sure that my R&D project has all the required components requested by the government (IRS, CRA, Inland Revenue, etc.) to claim tax credits?

The system has various dashboards and wizards to ensure all required information is properly organized and maintained.

There are several companies claiming to have R&D tracking software. Why should I choose RDBASE?

We constantly update RDBASE to include user feedback s with respect to tools which allow them to document claims with maximum efficiency.

How does RDBASE integrate my year-end accountants into the R&D tax filing process?

RDBASE provides access for year-end accountants to coordinate the tax filing. Please watch this quick video to learn more…. Click here

How can I get an update on the status of each of my R&D projects? (Sign off)

Click here for a quick overview

How can I justify the R&D vs. non R&D hours claimed for grant of tax credits?

RDBASE ties the R&D hours to a specific variables of experimentation. This allows the user easily distinguish the R&D hours vs. non-R&D hours.

Is there any way that I can upload the documents in to the system? If so what types?

Yes. Virtually any type of supporting evidence can be uploaded. For a quick overview Please Click here

Can my year end accountants transfer the data into their corporate tax software in order to claim tax credits?

Yes. Currently you can import data into both Taxprep (CCH) & Profile (Intuit) tax software. Click here for quick overview

What are the types of reports that can I get from RDBASE to review the entered information?

Please briefly visit our video on RDBASE reporting system …Click here

How do different industries each use RDBASE ?

Click here to case studies for software, automation and engineering